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Our People, Our Promise

We are committed to upholding and improving our standards, to give our customers the best possible product and service.

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The Special Finishing


PPCB has many to make your job very special.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Well-designed artwork expertly printed on high quality paper can be enhanced with a number of creative techniques to give it added distinction

We laminate

-Giving a page, such as the cover of a magazine or an annual report, a deep lustre and added durability.

We spot UV varnish

-Accentuating photographs or other elements of design, to enhance and make them more effective.

We emboss

-Making words and images literally 'stand out' by striking a raised impression from the reverse side of the sheet.

We foil

-Laying silver or any other metallic colour foil on either cover or text pages to give it added personality and distinction.

We die cut

-Stamping the printed item into shapes before creasing for various purposes, such as business folders.