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No matter how large or small your need, the full resources of Botswana’s leading print supplier are right behind you.

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It's not just about printing.
It's about Total Print Management.

The difference makes all the difference for customers of PPCB.

Words and images well designed and faithfully printed are our business.

But we do much more than print very well.

We deliver complete print solution that place customer at the centre of all stages of production - from consultation right through to completion.

We call it Total Print Management.

It is our demanding benchmarks of quality and it your assurance of personal service and attention.

And the best print for your pula.

You the customer

We are privileged and proud to have retained among our client over the years a wide range of companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors.

These include Government departments, advertising agencies, publishers and media practitioners who are highly discerning, and the nature of whose operations set us very exacting standards.

We also greatly value and are equally attentive to the very many smaller enterprises and individual customers who choose PPCB.