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Our People, Our Promise

We are committed to upholding and improving our standards, to give our customers the best possible product and service.

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Pre Press

Where it is all set up for printing

Every job that we handle passes through a critical pre-press stage. It is here that your material is meticulously checked and set up in readiness for transferring it onto printing plates. That is the policy at PPCB.

No sign-off, no printing

That is the policy at PPCB. At the pre-press studio your job will be printed and folded into a dummy for you to carefully check and approve or amend. Only after your final sign-off will it go on the press. This is for your and our assurance that you are completely satisfied.

Good impression start here

The latest computer-to-plate technology ensures perfect first-generation image reproduction. The lithographic plates are automatically ‘exposed’ by computer ready for printing, but each is double checked by eye with a densitometer to ensure that the percentages of the primary colours – cyan ,magenta ,yellow , and black are – spot on before moving to the printing presses. The plates are baked to maintain pin-sharp reproduction during long print runs.

Platemaking takes place in two identically equipped rooms, to ensure uninterrupted production in this vital early stage of the printing process.